Friday, May 6, 2011

The Colbert Watch

Just when you thought the Colbert rhetoric was over—you know, the endless updates about how the flag-waving comedian plans to sail to Bermuda this month—in comes yet another piece of news to help advance the story. If you’ve been reading all of this time you probably already know about Colbert’s sponsorship with Audi, heard his public challenge to race Sir Richard Branson and even perused my Open Letter to Stephen Colbert, suggestions for how he should tackle Bermuda once he arrives. So what could possibly be next for the Bermuda-bound funnyman? How about an all-expenses paid beach party? Yes indeed, this just in from The Reefs Hotel & Club: If Colbert and his team finishes first during the Charleston to Bermuda race, the Southampton resort will throw the crew a beach party at Coconuts, its open-air restaurant, which ironically I raved about just a few days ago. According to the resort’s blog, a first-place finish will be rewarded with plenty of ice-cold Dark 'n Stormy's and the freshest seafood in town (and perhaps, a fancy Colbert-inspired sand sculpture like the one above). But should Colbert lag behind he’ll still be rewarded—as long as he doesn’t come in last, that is. If he and his crew finish anywhere behind first place Colbert will be awarded a five-night stay at The Reefs brand new two-bedroom Club Suites that he can use for himself or give to a deserving member of Colbert Nation. Considering the über-luxurious rooms have private verandas, huge soaking tubs and unending ocean views, I'd say Colbert has all the motivation he needs for a strong finish. Happy sailing!

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