Monday, May 9, 2011

A Royal Honeymoon...In Bermuda!

The Royal honeymoon stakes just got a little higher since Britain’s Independent newspaper recently published reports that the newly married Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge might indeed take their post-nuptial trip to Bermuda. According to the story, which was covered locally in the Bermuda Sun, William and Kate are considering the island as a potentially honeymoon destination in addition to an island off the coast of Australia, a Kenyan safari and Jordan in the Middle East, a longtime ally of the United Kingdom. But the story also reports that the chances of the pair choosing a non-UK territory are slim: Given the current global economic crisis, the Royal couple would likely fly British Airways rather than a plane from the Queen’s hangar—ruling out Australia—while recent terrorist attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa would cross Kenya off the list given the security headache involved. The article points out that an island is most likely, with the UK’s public relations agenda insisting that the couple not visit anywhere outside the Commonwealth or Overseas Territories. And considering Prince Willian will go back to flying helipcoters for the Royal Airforce upon his return, a destination likely to cause jetlag will probably not be considered. Hmm, so let’s see. Served by British Airways? Check. An island destination? Yep. Within the UK Overseas Territories. You betcha. No jetlag from the London? Spot on, chap. By the looks of it Will and Kate may be stealing a smooch on our pink sand beaches very soon—let’s just hope they can catch a public bus when they get here.

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