Monday, May 16, 2011

Destination Dockyard

You know what one of the greatest things about living in Bermuda is? Playing tourist. That's right: When the sun is shining and I've got a day to play, all I have to do is trot down to my favorite beach, cafe or one of dozens of popular attractions that island visitors descend upon every year—like the Royal Naval Dockyard, for example. Now, for all of you locals who may be saying, "Is this guy crazy? Dockyard is for cruise shippers!" To you I say, have you ever pushed a stroller down Middle Road? If so, you know that vehicular traffic and narrow island roads can be a concern for new parents since Bermuda unfortunately lacks proper sidewalks outside of Hamilton and St. George. But for those of you who'd like to spend a pleasant day pushing your little one around without hugging a coral stone wall then don't miss Dockyard on Bermuda's far west end. Outside of the occasional Segway gang and rumbling shuttle tram, the area is virtually motorist-free, perfect for new parents (like me!) and their outdoor-loving sons in strollers. It's even got some worthwhile places to grab a bite, like Bone Fish Bar & Grill where I enjoyed a lovely blackened fish sandwich served with a simple spinach salad (although don't expect to find it on the menu; I asked the chef to instead grill the mahi-mahi from the deep-fried fish sandwich and to shake some spices on it, a plan that worked surprisingly well). And even though the 3,000-passenger Caribbean Princess was docked in port, I didn't even mind being surrounded by the fanny-packed hordes. Call me a convert, but I think Dockyard's big enough for all of us.

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