Friday, May 20, 2011

And We're Back...Sort Of

Yes, it's been virtually an entire week since my last post. Well, only four days but according to some surf-crazed, newly-engaged readers with a propensity for the New York Yankees, Bermuda Shorts has been way too quiet as of late. I totally agree and readers, you indeed have deepest my apologies for the lack of tropical updates and island news—but my silence hasn't been without good reason. As my television career grows so do the opportunities that present themselves, like the "Best of Bermuda" show I've been filming for the past two weeks that will air locally this summer. I'll be sure to spread the good word once it's all up and running, but you can expect to watch yours truly drinking rum swizzles on the beach, hitting golf balls at Port Royal, SCUBA diving on the south shore, parasailing in Dockyard, sightseeing in St. George and much, much more. Which brings me to yet another reason why Bermuda Shorts is likely to be quiet until early June: It's time for Mountainfilm! That's right, the annual Telluride film festival is officially upon us, which means I'll be covering its films and filmmakers—plus artists, athletes and activists—for Outside Television very soon (I told you all about last year's festival here, but in case you need a Mountainfilm refresher course just check out this video). So don't be sad. Know that I'm busy doing what I do best and that I'll soon return with your daily dose of sunshine. In the meantime the first person who correctly guesses where the above photo was taken wins a prize. Leave your guess in the comment section below and whoever's answer is closest will be awarded something unmentionably cool. Go!