Friday, December 30, 2011

That's All Folks!

Remember when I used to write ambitious Bermuda Shorts Year In Reviews every December? Yeah, me neither. But of course that was before my wife and I had a son, which has very much flipped my world upside down. In a good way, but upside down nonetheless (like when I had to visit five pharmacies in search of Vitamin D drops shortly thereafter). Indeed 2011 has been a wild year, one so incredibly busy and filled with momentous events both personal and professional that I only managed to post once in all of November (and it was about how I hadn't posted in most of October, which saw a whopping five entries this year). So, as we reflect on another year gone by—the unsuccessful campaign to sail with Stephen Colbert, the hurricanes that weren't, the naughty neckties—let us look forward to another prosperous year ahead. And no, don't think that means I'll be cobbling together another Best of Bermuda list ala March 2010. But I will do my best to keep you in the loop with your daily dish from paradise. In the meantime a special shout out to my Number One Reader and Ultimate B Shorts Fanboy: CB from West Islip (aka the Guy In The Funny Mask). You da man. I think Petey needs to visit Bermuda very soon. So in closing, let me wish you a Bermudaful New Year! May sunshine fall upon your shoulders and your glasses be half-full.


  1. Ya Mon!


    Much Love!!!

  2. Glad to hear all is well. Cheers and happy new year!

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