Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luke, I am your Santa

I've told you how festive Bermuda can be around the holidays, what with rum-recipe-adorned Dunkley's egg nog in the markets, mulled-wine-filled walkabouts in historic St. George's and the proliferation of the island's compact Korean cars, many of which are currently sporting puffy red reindeer noses on their grills. That's right folks, it's officially Christmas in Bermuda. Now, before all of you Bermuda Shorts die hards start clamoring for bootleg Bob Hope in Bermuda Christmas videos (all three of you and yes, I'm talkin' to you West Islip, New York; you Mountain View, California; and you Lyndhurst, New Jersey) what's merrier than a Christmas boat parade? Last weekend islanders were treated to a special holiday treat, one that happens every other year and this year's parade was a doozy. More than 70 boats dressed up in twinkling lights and motored their way around Hamilton Harbor—a festive flotilla that culminated in a thrilling fireworks show that glimmered on the water as it danced in the sky. But what about the boats? You'll find many of my favorites on—gold star nominees like Santa's sleigh, Charlie Brown and a floating barge of illuminated gifts—but it was hard to beat the Star Wars-themed boat you see above. May the Christmas force be with you.

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