Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bob Hope Christmas Part Deux

In case you haven't had enough of Bob Hope's Christmas Show from Bermuda—ya know, the 1990 variety program I told you about yesterday—here's another taste of the funnyman's island repertoire. In this clip Bob and friends reenact the fateful arrival of Sir George Somers to Bermuda's shores in 1609, when the Sea Venture got caught in a hurricane and shipwrecked on the east end of island. It's classic Hope, filled with one-liners, double entendre and clever word play, Like this:

Sir George Somers (Bob Hope): Is there anyone around here besides you?

Princess Lydia (Loni Anderson): Well, just an Indian Tribe. They're called the Hellawi Tribe.

Stranded Settler (Joan Van Ark): How do they know where we are?

Princess Lydia (Loni Anderson): They don't even know where they are. They just run around and say, 'Where the Hellawi?'

Sure, there was no Indian tribe on the island when the British first arrived, and the ship washed up on Achilles Bay (not Horseshoe where the entire bit was shot) but it is an entertaining six-and-a-half minutes. You can thank me later.

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