Monday, December 5, 2011

It's December. Merry Christmas!

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm officially a naughty blogger. Just one post for all of November? Geez. And by the looks of it, December is not getting any better. It's already the fifth of the month for goodness sake! Sorry folks, I know you're not into lame excuses but life seems to heat up around the holidays, doesn't it? And by the holidays I mean Christmas, because here in Bermuda, it's all about Christmas. No beatin' around the bush either. This being a Christian nation the island is awash in Christmas cheer, which means just about everywhere you go these days you'll be greeted with a festive "Merry Christmas" rather than the oh-so-PC "Happy Holidays." Fine by me. In fact, Bermuda is jam-packed with cheery Christmas activities all month long. Why just last weekend my family and I attended the St. George walkabout, when the historic homes of Bermuda's oldest town open their doors for Christmas merriment (in case you don't know what that means, think mulled wine and rum-spiked egg nog by the fireplace, multiply that by 20 cedar-laden homes, add a dash of rum cake and some dancing in King's Square and you'll begin to imagine what it's all about; see above, that's what Town Hall looked like). A good time for all and no doubt the beginning of more to come—like the Christmas Boat Parade next weekend, when vessels of all kinds get wrapped in twinkling lights and parade around Hamilton Harbor (here's a picture of the giant multi-colored Michael Jackson, which adorned the winning boat two years ago; groovy, I know). So as I conclude, let this be a warning that while my posts throughout December may be sporatic, I'll do my best to keep you filled with as much Christmas cheer from Bermuda as possible.

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