Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off the Wall

Remember when I told you about the Christmas Boat Parade last week? How Bermuda’s 400th anniversary celebration culminated with a Grucci-esque fireworks show and how the winning boat was a Michael Jackson-themed barge? Unfortunately I was a bit too far from the action to get a proper photograph of the King of Pop in lights, but fortunately for you dear reader I went grocery shopping last night. That’s right folks, Michael Jackson is alive and well and appearing nightly at the Southampton Marketplace, which makes sense considering it was the grocery owner’s boat that won first prize. That’s good news for the community, because hey, who doesn’t like to see a thirty-foot-tall red-leather-clad Michael Jackson around Christmastime? I sure do. It’s certainly more creative than one of those blow-up Frosty the Snowmen and in a strange though fitting way, a touching tribute to the beloved pop star. After all, hundreds of islanders gathered in Camden Park just days after he died, offering warm thoughts and calm prayer for a man they most likely never met. Now if I can just get that scooter driving Santa to take a picture in front of illuminated Michael. Bermuda just gets more interesting by the day, doesn’t it?

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