Friday, December 4, 2009

Special Delivery

How apropos! An eight-foot blue-green North Carolina Fraser fir magically appeared at my doorstep the very day I told you about Bermuda’s festive landscape. Yes, it’s true: My Christmas tree was delivered—for an additional $40. But before you start wagging your finger, understand this. I’ve been going through serious delivery withdrawal since moving to Bermuda. Having spent many years living in and around Manhattan, having something delivered—pizza, groceries, wine—was so common I never even thought twice about picking up the phone and having someone else do the work. Like when I used to order toasted sesame bagels with scallion cream cheese at nine o’clock in the morning or when my friendly deliveryman from Liberty Wines would bring over a six-pack and some corn chips before the big game. And then there was Fresh Direct, an online grocer that delivered fresh, affordable food to your door the day after you selected which fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and cheese you wanted on its website (within a two-hour window no less). In New York, everything can be delivered. Needless to say there’s not much of that going on in Bermuda. Which is not necessarily a bad thing—after all, there's something to be said for the island's small town charm—but when I have the opportunity to get something brought directly to my door these days, you bet your behind I’m going to say yes. So here it stands. My lovely Shatley Farms Frasier fir—a happy tree that didn’t leave one needle in the trunk of my car. In the meantime, if anyone out there feels like opening up a pizza place that delivers in Bermuda, consider me a future paying customer.

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