Friday, December 18, 2009

So Much For the Sleigh...

This was one of those only in Bermuda moments. Like when a rainbow suddenly appears over the Great Sound after a light rain or when you bump into the same person three times in one day, in three very different locations. It’s a beautiful, albeit cozy little island where the strange and unexpected seem to come standard. So why was I not surprised when after finishing my grocery shopping and packing up my purchases, that the Man In Red pulled into the parking lot. That’s right kids, Santa Claus is officially in town and he’s ditched his sleigh for a 100cc scooter. And jolly St. Nick could not have been jollier: Not only did he pose for dozens of snapshots in the parking lot—helmet in hand, of course—but he wouldn’t let me leave without this gem of a picture. I know, I know, it’s fuzzy, but I think the nice little boy who shot it was more concerned with the piece of chocolate cake he was concurrently devouring. You get the drift. As an aside, if you’re interested in seeing more of my mug over the weekend don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of Forbes Luxe 11 on the Travel Channel at 10pm EST, when I along with an esteemed panel of travel experts discuss Exclusive Hotels. And if you’re wondering, I already checked with Santa. He said it was okay to plug my television show—I’ve been a very good boy this year.

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  1. Thanks I am sitting here in France, a few glasses, waiting for the cassava pie to come out of the oven and looking for Bermie stuff, I was looking for something tonshare with friends on Facebook. Like your blog.

    Ta Happy Holidays