Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puzzle Time

Got a few minutes to goof off? Bermudaphiles listen up. Ever since the untimely demise of the Mid-Ocean News this summer, former crossword compiler Alex Lugo has been searching for a way to publish his Bermuda-themed puzzles and games, which appeared in the paper for the past 10 years. Luckily for you he's finally tapped into the power of the web with the launch of BermudaPuzzles.com featuring brain teasers, island-inspired crosswords—and my favorite—jigsaw puzzles of popular Bermuda scenes. If you've ever spent time lazing on powdery Horseshoe Beach for example, it should only take you a few minutes to put together the 24-piece puzzle. If not, well, give it your best shot. Worse comes to worse you can always take a quick trip to Bermuda so you can tackle the jigsaw like a pro. As for those cryptic crosswords, I've gotta be honest—I don't think I've been on the island long enough to even decipher the clues. Take this one for example: 9 Across He is taxed by mishandled tea prayer. Huh? Here's another: 1 Across So, you have that outside member of Parliament on? Um, yeah. Sorry Alex, but I think I'll stick to the jigsaw puzzles for now.

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