Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it November already?

Weddings, fatherhood, oh my! October sure was packed with personal commitments, but November has arrived with abandon and I'm officially back on the rock (at least for a little while...). So, what's happening in Bermuda? How about egg nog for starters and you know how I love my egg nog. Sure, it may seem a tad early to be spotting the sweet stuff in my grocer's dairy case, but there it was, wedged between the whole milk and the half 'n half: Dunkley's Dairy Egg Nog, with helpful Gosling's rum-laden recipes right there on the carton. It's a sure sign of the holiday season—that, and the festive Christmas decorations currently hanging on the City of Hamilton's light posts—and one that I wholeheartedly welcome each year. Egg nog in early November? I say bring it on.


  1. I love me some egg nog...already bought some this weekend. .Just don't drink a whole can warm in the summertime!

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