Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

As word continues to spread about a massive winter storm hitting the heartland of America, Bermuda too is experiencing a treacherous cold spell. In fact, it's been so cold that I actually had to—gasp!—put on a long sleeve shirt. According to Bernews, Bermuda experienced a record low temperature earlier this week, 54F/12.2C, after gale-force winds pounded the island during the wee hours of the night on Monday. I'm not sure what's funnier, actually. This icy thermometer graphic, which is adjacent to the news report or the story's lead sentence, that Bermuda "became a genuine winter wonderland." And hear I thought it actually had to snow to be a winter wonderland! While it's true that Monday's temp neared the lowest December temperature on record—a chilly 48F/9C just last year—I still find it amusing, even after three years of living here, that 54 degrees makes the news. I guess someone better tell Santa Claus to dress a little warmer this year.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle. It made me think of what happened during the rainy season in Ghana when I lived there. When the temperatures hit rock-bottom lows of 23 or 24 C, our watchman would come to work in a ski jacket and ski hat(bought no doubt at the Dead White Man Market where they sell second hand clothes from the US and Europe).

  2. That is chilly! Stay warm out there. We are experiencing above average temps here. It's currently 82 F right now in Southwest Florida.

    Cheers to sunny days!

  3. I love Bermy at Xmas time, every year I go with the whole family down to Horseshoe bay and enjoy dressing up as Santa, whilst still enjoying the sun Bermudian Life I keep my own blog now of my experiences.