Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deal of the Day

Last time I checked, the winter just doesn't want to quit in the American northeast. Snow keeps falling, temperatures keep dropping and there's no end in sight for one of the coldest winters on record. If you're one of the many New York metropolitan area residents reaching for an extra blanket to keep warm, then consider this fantastic deal to sunny Bermuda: American Airlines is currently selling flights to the island from JFK for $99 each way for travel between March 1st and May 20th. You'll have to book by March 15th, but if you head on over to, where the majority of the sale fares are mid-week, roundtrip flights with a mandatory $94.90 tax come to $292, which is about as low as it's gonna get. And don't try to score this deal through Orbitz, Expedia or Hotwire: The legacy carrier recently parted ways with all three travel sites so you'll have to visit American Airlines' website to get the cheap flights.

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