Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bloomie Was In Bermuda!

It's official: New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was indeed in Bermuda during the massive snow storm that hit the Big Apple on December 26—a much-ballyhooed turn of events also known as Bermudagate. Hysterical, right? According to the Wall Street Journal, private aircraft belonging to Bloomie flew to Bermuda 16 times last year and 54 times in all from 2007 through 2010. On 41 trips, the aircraft left New York and spent all or part of the weekend in Bermuda with one overnight trip to the island coinciding with the major Boxing Day storm. Oops. Clearly the City Council is not very happy with Mayor Mike since the legislative body is exploring a bill that would require Bloomberg to notify the City Clerk every time he leaves the five boroughs. But what fun would that be? Isn't the whole point of having a private plane taking off at a moment's notice and hanging out at your multi-million dollar waterfront home? (That's his Tucker's Town pad above). I say leave him be! If the guy wants to jet off to Bermuda for a round of golf and a rum swizzle, then let 'em do it. And Bloomie, if you ever need a golf partner over at Mid-Ocean you know who to call.

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  1. Agreed! People need to CHILL out! Get off his back...everyone deserves a vacation. Its not like people weren't there working, and/or Bloomberg himself drives a snow plow.