Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working Out With Wyclef!

It's not everyday that a multi-platinum recording artist is working out in the same gym you are but I guess crazier things have happened during my time here in Bermuda (eating fish sandwiches alongside a now-adult Golden Child in June is certainly one that comes to mind). Anyhow, I was testing out the facilities at the Fairmont Southampton—for the record as a guest of one of its members—when in walked the one and only Wyclef Jean, which of course makes sense since the hotel is hosting most of the performers at this weekend's Bermuda Music Festival. Besides doing some bicep curls and a few reps on the bench press, he and his entourage of two tossed around the medicine ball in preparation for tonight's show. Wyclef is officially pumped and that officially makes two of us.

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