Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Recognize that sail? I sure do. As my faithful readers may remember, that colorful canvas is part of the Ana Luna, a 45-foot catamaran I wrote about sailing on last month—admittedly my new favorite excursion in all of Bermuda. In addition to sunset dinner cruises and daysails around the east end of the island, the boat is also available for SCUBA dives on many of Bermuda's wrecks and reefs. So why did this picture appear in the Bermuda Sun last week and who are those guys smiling for the camera? They’re the Uighurs! (Pronounced wee-gers for all you wondering out there). In case you hadn’t heard, these four men were brought to Bermuda in June after being detained in Guantánamo Bay for nearly seven years. As I alluded to yesterday, there was much ado about bringing the former detainees here, a debate that I’d rather not enter in. But for all the hoo-hah surrounding their arrival it’s nice to see someone reaching out and giving them a hand. So cheers to you, Captain Nathan Worswick of the Ana Luna, for giving Bermuda’s newest residents an experience to remember for a lifetime. Your spirit, goodwill, and generosity are what make living in this island community such a pleasure. Well done, sir.

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