Friday, October 23, 2009

Cabrera Loses...Twice

Angel Cabrera must be especially teed off this morning. Not only did the Masters champion lose by five strokes to U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover at the 2009 PGA Grand Slam of Golf—a difference of $300,000—but the Argentine was disqualified from the Castello Masters in Spain, an event he tried to play nearly 24 hours after losing at Port Royal. So why the DQ? According to the Associated Press, Cabrera’s flight was delayed from Bermuda due to strong winds at L.F. Wade International Airport, an unfortunate although common occurrence that most of us islanders have dealt with at some time or another. Not even a private helicopter upon landing could get Cabrera to the course on time, all but ruining his chances to collect a piece of the $2 million purse. If his gruff treatment of his Grand Slam caddie is any indication, I have a feeling El Pato gave the pilot, and anyone else who would listen, a good piece of his mind. His beloved nickname may mean "The Duck" in Spanish, but my vote is for El Toro. I'm guessing you know what that one means.

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