Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Time

Firsts are a funny thing—at least they can be, if you’ve just moved to a new place and you’re ticking off each one on some giant make believe list. The weekend saw it’s fair share of firsts, some expected and some not so expected. We participated in our first official full day of beach tennis at Horseshoe Beach on Saturday—a much longer and sweatier version of our recent Thursday night match. It was great fun, with cold beers from our sponsor (thanks Dos Equis!) and new friends from all over the world. At day’s end we were even invited to a barbeque in Tucker’s Town on the east side of the island, which led to another stunning first: Dinner with the Golden Child. Remember the 1980s movie starring Eddie Murphy? I sure do. In the film the Golden Child was a bald-headed Asian boy, but in actuality that boy is a girl and her name is Jasmine—a perky Californian visiting friends in Bermuda who we shared fish sandwiches with later that night. Dinner with a child movie star? Check. Other firsts came and went in no time at all, like when Batman and Robin ran right past us during the 100th Annual Bermuda Day Marathon Derby (see above). Or when we watched our first Bermudian rain storm which visited us on Sunday afternoon. The quick torrent of rain blanketed the island’s north shore for a solid ten minutes—a welcome douse on an island very much in need of a drink. We watched from our terrace as warm rain filled the air and toasted to our good fortune. I’m sure they’ll be plenty more, of firsts that is, and some that I hope will happen sooner than later. Like getting my first Bermuda driver’s license, which I’m learning will indeed take some time to secure. But such is island life. I’m just glad this isn’t the first time I’ve lived on one.

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