Friday, June 19, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again (Part Deux)

Consider this an open letter of apology to my cable company. On Wednesday I wrote about a sudden storm that showered the island and supposedly knocked out my television. It seemed like a perfectly good assumption at the time. After all, when I was shopping for a cable television provider I’d been told a number of times how the rain affects WOW signals across Bermuda. However after a quick call to the company—and a surprisingly pain free house call—they determined that the workers renovating the upstairs apartment unplugged my antennae booster. That’s it. I now know this is true because we’ve woken up to yet another wild storm—a thick blanket of rain that has engulfed the entire island. It’s pouring here and yet I still have TV. Remember those S and Q meters I blustered about? Well, they’re at 94 and 98, respectively. Good news all around, especially since I’ve been watching a shaggy palm tree blow in the breeze for the past thirty minutes (see above). It’s almost like I’m a character in Homer’s painting, Hurricane, which is fine by me as long as I can watch the news later on tonight.

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