Friday, July 29, 2011

Your Guide to Cup Match

In case you hadn't already heard, it's Cup Match weekend here in Bermuda, which means everything pretty much shuts down for four days so islanders can gather with friends and family for a long holiday weekend. There's also a widely anticipated two-day cricket match played between teams from St. George in the east and Somerset in the west. This year's game will be held in St. George—so to help any of you who might be attending the festivities this year, don't miss this article from the Bermuda Sun, which has some great tips for how to best enjoy Cup Match 2011. A few of my faves? "Try Bermuda delicacies including conch stew, mussel stew and, if you are really lucky, shark hash. Sample a dark 'n' stormy—black rum with ginger beer—but go easy in the heat." All great points, although that shark hash might be pretty hard to find, unless of course you head to the Black Horse Tavern in sleepy St. David's just a quick cab ride from the action. The ├╝ber-local dish is savory, hashy and delicious. Another good suggestion: "Set aside a few dollars to play Crown & Anchor; known colloquially as 'the stock market,' it's a fast-moving, cash-only game of chance." And Cup Match is the only time of the year when legal gambling is permitted in Bermuda (check it out, that's a packed Crown & Anchor tent above). Finally, my very favorite of the bunch: "Don't be afraid to ask any locals you happen to be sitting next to for pointers on what is going on [during the cricket match]. They will happily explain who they think is the best bowler or batsman." Because of course, the game of cricket continues to baffle populations around the world, but mostly those from the States who no doubt will be scratching their heads this Cup Match season wondering, "What the eff is going on?" For you, I say have no fear! Cricket is a friendly sport with friendlier spectators and fortunately Dark 'n' Stormies will be served near the grandstands if you get bored. 'Nuff said.

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