Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And, We're Back!

Wowsa, talk about a hiatus! But clearly my 10-day absence has inspired some worthy conversation about the stunning image I posted on July 14. Writes RumShopRyan, a Caribbean rum-lover who runs the ├╝ber-tropical website, "A beautiful photo indeed. Some of the best shots I've seen do include dark storm clouds off in the distance while the sun is still shining in the foreground. Islands are beautiful, period." Agreed! Looking forward to sipping some Gosling's Old Rum with you one day soon buddy. A few days later Marc Morgan of wrote, "That photograph is gorgeous and truly evocative. I agree with you, even though there is no shortage of beautiful shots available in the Caribbean, that one is a gem among gems!" Here, here! No doubt the photographer himself would be glad to know that he's touched so many Bermuda Shorts readers. Replies the one and only Terence Luk, amateur photog extraordinaire: "Thanks for the mention. I live in Pembroke [Parish] but have yet to explore Southampton and Dockyard with my camera so stayed tuned for more photos." Fantastic! I can't wait to see your latest images (speaking of images, that's one I took while picnicking on the southwest shore). In the meantime, you can expect your daily dose of Bermuda Shorts right here since there's presently lots happening on the island—most notably Cup Match, a four-day weekend that revolves around a heated cricket match between teams from St. George and Somerset. It all kicks off tomorrow, so stay tuned for the latest tropical news and island updates.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Looking forward to sharing that Gosling's old rum with you as well my friend.


  2. Great shot David! Hope your cup match weekend was good. It's been a busy weekend for me because it's my first cup match here so I've been trying to go to all of the events while working over the weekend as well. Between the things I had to do, I did manage to get a few hours on Saturday to go out so I'll be posting a few shots when I get the chance to sort the photos out.