Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'll admit it: I had no clue what "planking" was until I read this article in the Royal Gazette. But as it turns out, the practice of making one's body flat and lying horizontally on random objects while snapping a photo of your odd contortion is sweeping the globe and apparently, just arriving in Bermuda. "You get creativity points for planking in odd places like tree branches or escalators," reads a description on Facebook from the local group called 'Planking in Bermy.' "The more wild you get the better the picture will be." The Gazette has tons of wacky photos depicting people planking across the island—ya know, folks atop public phone booths, belly-flat in city fountains, and yes, perched over the Cabinet Building chimney—but the one above is currently my favorite. Who knew that Bermuda's own Johnny Barnes could ever carry such a heavy load?


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