Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strike a Pose

It's not every day that you come across a stunning image even when you live in a place as beautiful as Bermuda. After all, you'd think on an island with so many tangerine sunsets, powder blue horizons and craggy coastlines that amateur and professional photographers alike would spend days on end snapping away. Of course, I'm sure they do. But until I found this picture posted on Flickr by a local photographer named Terence Luk, never have I been so moved by Bermuda's beauty, even with menacing skies above. Want to see more? Then check out Luk's Flikr photostream, which features some amazing island images like the view from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and an artful portrait called Clouds, Rocks & Beach, among others. And if you're hankering for even more, don't miss these gorgeous Bermuda seascapes and aerial images from pro photographer Gavin Howarth (who's also available for weddings for all you love birds out there). In the meantime, I'll be combing the island for some memorable shots of my own—so don't get worried if I get lost for a little awhile. Until next time, my friends.


  1. A beautiful photo indeed. Some of the best shots I've seen do include dark storm clouds off in the distance while the sun is still shining in the foreground. Islands are beautiful, period.


  2. Thanks for the mention David.


  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! And Terence, it was absolutely my pleasure.

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  5. I'll definitely say "Hi" if I see you around the island David. I live in Pembroke but have yet to explore South Hampton and the Dockyards with my camera so stay tuned for more photos.


  6. That photograph is gorgeous and truly evocative. I agree with you, even though there is no shortages of beautiful shots available in the Caribbean, that one is a gem among gems!!!