Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a Party 'Yall

You know what's so great about a destination wedding? Living in the destination where the wedding is being held, which is yet another reason why living in Bermuda is so darn great. The people come here, cased closed. That's why I'm particularly jazzed to be attending a family wedding at the historic Fairmont Hamilton Princess, which turned 125 years old last year. The entire wedding party is currently flying and cruising down to Bermuda and all I have to do is hop in my Daihatsu and drive on dahn de road (in Bermuda parlance). Don't get me wrong—I'd travel to the ends of the Earth for a good party—but there's something to be said for attending a ceremony in one's backyard (one that should look something like the one above; that photo was taken at a Fairmont Hamilton Princess wedding last year). So, if you're wondering where I'll be the next couple of days, here's your answer: Partying in BDA.

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