Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Calling All Bartenders

It’s no secret that I enjoy my rum. It’s also no secret that I’m pretty darn good at inventing cocktails—after all, I was a professional bartender long before becoming a television and magazine journalist. Had I not been named the Best Bartender in Fire Island, New York after creating a drink called the Tooty Fruity Banana Booty made with Cruzan banana rum, I might never had met my wife-to-be in St. Croix a few months later (trust me it’s all true; just read this story from Caribbean Travel+Life). That’s why I’m particularly jazzed about the latest promotion from the recently rebranded Rosewood Tucker’s Point and Bermuda’s own Gosling’s Black Seal rum. Wanna win a vacation to Bermuda including airfare for two on Continental and a three-night stay at swanky Tucker’s Point? Then put on your bartending aprons and get creating. Here’s the deal: Invent a Bermuda-themed cocktail made with Gosling’s Black Seal rum then upload your recipe, a photo and your story to Tucker’s Point Facebook page for a chance to win. The five drinks with the most votes plus a judge’s pick each week will advance to the finals round where the Grand Prize winner will be determined by a team of judges from Rosewood Tucker’s Point and Gosling’s Rum. Easy enough, right?

Now, since I’ve got a little bit of experience in this department I’ll give you a few tips on how to create a great cocktail. Number one: It needs an amazing garnish. My winning drink featured a banana straw, which means you sucked the rummy deliciousness through a hole bored through the center of the fruit. Genius, I know. If that’s a little too intense for you however, try rimming the glass with something fun, like cinnamon sugar or graham cracker crumbs. Number two: Make sure it’s not too sweet. Judges and professional drinkers hate, hate, hate treacly cocktails laden with grenadine and syrups. Add a splash of curacao, sure, but don’t forget to add the citrus. Number three: Add a secret ingredient. Because you always need a secret ingredient. You wanna know mine? Tough, it’s a secret. And finally, number four: It needs an amazing name, like the Tooty Fruity Banana Booty. Enough said.

The contest is currently open to any and all interested parties and ends Tuesday, June 28 (for more information visit Tucker's Point Facebook page). And in addition to winning a fantastic trip to Bermuda, your drink will also be served on property at Rosewood Tucker's Point. Bottoms up!


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  2. Do tell us more about your Fire Island days! Quite a contrast to the Somers Isles, no?