Monday, June 13, 2011

Catch of the Day

Nope, it’s not a yellowfin tuna. Nor is it a wahoo or even a mahi-mahi. After six hours on 10-foot seas—a blissful half-day charter spent trawling Bermuda's Challenger Bank aboard Paradise One—my best bite of the day was the toothy silver fish I’m holding above: a 20-pound barracuda that I happily took home and ate for dinner. Which is not to say the bigger swimmers weren’t biting. We hooked at least three major-sized wahoo while motoring about 12 miles off shore, but unfortunately they bit their lines and got away (because of course, there always has to be a story about the one that got away, right?). Bottom line, if you’re headed to Bermuda and are at all into fishing, this is a trip that shouldn’t be missed. After all, where else in North America can you motor just 30 minutes off shore and be in waters more than 400 feet deep? In the meantime, a major thanks to first mate Delvin and Captain Allan at Paradise One Fishing Charters for a stellar day at sea!


  1. Not bad David! That's a lot better than I do when I go out here in the Gulf of Mexico.


  2. Nice Work Gonzo! Glad to see they pulled the anchor up before you motored home!