Monday, June 27, 2011

From The Deep

Just when you thought Bermuda's waters couldn't get more interesting, a team of underwater explorers uncovers a case of 150-year-old hooch within the shattered iron bones of a sunken shipwreck called the Mary-Celestia. The find was a major discovery within SCUBA diving circles and certainly one that has generated lots of local attention since the American Civil War blockade ship sank off Bermuda's southern coast in 1846. Likely thought to be fortified wine, the five bottles were retrieved by an international team of archaeologists working with Bermuda's Department of Conservation Services (to watch the recovery effort, including some amazing underwater footage of the wreck check out the video above). Which really just begs the question: How does it taste? "After undergoing laboratory analysis and preservation treatment, the wine and our other finds will tell their story to Bermudians and the rest of the world thanks to modern science," said Dr. James Delgado, who was part of the dive team that made the discovery. Translation: He's not sure, but I'm guessing it's yummy, boozy and delicious.

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