Friday, August 6, 2010

Storm Watch: UPDATE

This latest image comes from RMS Cat updates, which tracks potential catastrophes including natural hazards, terrorism and mortality risk, among others. According to its recent report, Tropical Storm Colin has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph, which are expected to reach 70 mph when the system nears Bermuda on Saturday. (Click it for a larger image. That thick white cloud in the middle is the storm. Bermuda is the tiny speck in its path). Flying to Bermuda this weekend? Travelers on U.S. Airways can change their itineraries without penalty and Continental just announced a similar policy that will waive change fees for island-bound passengers this weekend. No word yet from Delta or JetBlue, although travelers on low-cost carrier WestJet should have nothing to worry about: The Canadian airline unveiled a Tropical Storm Colin travel advisory earlier today and its Hurricane Promise automatically waives change fees if travelers rebook their itinerary within fourteen days. The skies are now clear, but isn't there some sort of cliché about a calm before the storm? Batten down the hatches Bermuda, I think it's time for Dark n Stormy's!

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