Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Life Outside

As most of you now know, Tropical Storm Colin was officially a bust—the storm that wasn't times ten shall we say—so I won't bore you with nonsensical musings about hunkering down for a punishing rain that never came. Long story short: It was a lovely weekend in Bermuda. In other news it's Tuesday, so I'm filling the web with tales of The Life Outside over on Outside Television. Today's topic? Twitter, the micro-blogging service that opened my eyes to some pretty incredible things last week, like Mount Everest mysteries solved, sustainable woods for Gibson guitars and Northern Rockies wolves getting put back on the Endangered Species list (which, as you'll see, is a good thing). You can read all about it here or just bookmark OutsideTelevision.com and pop in every Tuesday for your weekly update about The Life Outside. Thanks for reading!

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