Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gold Stars For Everyone!

There’s been much in the news lately about the support individuals, companies, and nations around the world are giving to Haiti in its time of need. How the Red Cross text messaging campaign has raised more than $20 million, how actor George Clooney is hosting a telethon to raise even more, how his Fugee-ness and Bermuda Music Festival star Wyclef Jean is swooping in to help his homeland (amidst false allegations that his foundation Yele Haiti wasn’t really doing its job in the first place). Even in Bermuda folks are doing their part to help, starting from the top down. The first gold star goes to Government and Bermuda Aviation Services (BAS) for waiving terminal fees and handling charges for all flights heading to Haiti needing to stop at L.F. Wade International to refuel. Given Bermuda’s unique location in the Atlantic, 15 aircraft have stopped at the airport en route to the Caribbean island and no doubt there’ll be more to come. Three cheers BAS! The next gold star goes to the Genesis Foundation, a local non-profit organization that’s sending a container full of first aid, supplies, canned goods and water in the coming days. Nice work Genesis Foundation! Next, a big gold star goes to BLING Book Club co-founder Glen Jones who donated $2,000 on behalf of his charity, which encourages young children to read books (BLING stands for Books Lead Individuals to New Greatness). Well done Glen! As previously mentioned, local cell phone carrier Digicel has pledged $5 million in disaster relief, in addition to ramping up it much-needed communications systems on the island. Gold stars to you, Digicel! And last but certainly not least, a shiny gold star goes to the people of Bermuda, who’ve collectively donated $136,000 in seven days to the local Red Cross. To you Bermuda—and to all those aforementioned—I applaud you. Job well done!

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