Monday, January 18, 2010

Kudos To...Digicel

It’s not every day we hear good news about our cell phone carriers. And no, I’m not talking about signal boosters, added coverage or rollover minutes either. Last week Digicel announced that it will donate $5 million to support relief efforts in Haiti, following the widespread devastation caused by the 7.0 earthquake that hit the island on Tuesday. (What? You still haven’t donated? Go here to find out how you can help.) Bermuda’s largest mobile phone carrier is also the largest foreign investor in Haiti, having set up communication services on the impoverished island in 2006. Sadly, the Digicel headquarters in Port-au-Prince is one of the few buildings to remain standing in the capital, but the good news is the company is putting its full weight behind relief efforts. In addition to the much-needed funds, Digicel has also sent a team of experts to asses any and all damage to its communications infrastructure, a move that not only benefits the company, but more importantly assists relief workers and news organizations reporting the disaster. And for that Digicel, I applaud you (pause for hip hop hoorays followed by boisterous clapping). Here’s hoping more companies follow your lead to help those most in need. For more on how you can help in the recovery effort, go here.

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