Monday, January 4, 2010

End of An Era

The New Year isn’t the only thing that has come and gone in Bermuda. (What? You haven't read my 2009 Year in Review yet? For shame!) If this weekend’s packed shows at Henry VIII are any indication, it’s a safe bet that the island will surely miss one of its most beloved performers: After 12 years of twinkling the ivories in Southampton—and a few more at the Cock and Feather in Hamilton before that—singer/pianist/and all-around-fun-guy Dave Bootle will be taking his show on the road. Of course the news isn’t all that bad. Rumor has it he’s headed to Key West, Florida, where he’ll be performing his crowd-pleasing tunes at yet another sunny locale. Sure, I’ve only been in Bermuda for eight months now, but based on the few times I’ve seen Dave perform, Key West is in for a real treat. Margaritaville, anyone? In the meantime if you’re wondering what's it's like to perform for crowds of adoring fans for 12 years read this. And if you're craving a little Bootle-love pop into his website for samples of his music and updates on where he’ll be playing next. And to you Mr. Bootle, Bon Voyage! Go ahead and show those Parrotheads who’s boss.

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  1. I'm sure Duke Joel can pick up the slack!