Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

No, a herd of buffalo wasn’t suddenly discovered in Bermuda (although there’s a huge rock formation in Church Bay that’s a dead ringer for the beast of the American west). To the contrary, that photo was snapped on the plains of Yellowstone National Park by the one and only Joshua Cogan, acclaimed photojournalist and undoubtedly The Funkiest Man on the Planet. Check out his work here, it’s world-class stuff (click through the portraits and you’ll see images of Ted Kennedy, Anthony Bourdain, and Usian Bolt among others). When you’re done scope out Live Hope Love, a project about living with HIV in Jamaica that he worked on in cooperation with the Pulitzer Center. Fortunately it pays to have such talented friends, which brings me back to that photo. Last summer Josh and I road tripped through western Wyoming, a four-day ramble through Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Cody, Thermopolis, Lander, and back. You can read all about it here or support your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Hudson News and pick up a copy of the September issue of Budget Travel magazine. It was a stellar trip and the third in a collaborative series starting with a road trip through Joshua Tree National Park in 2006 then another looping across Puerto Rico in 2007. As you’ll see, we tracked herds of bison through muddy paths, enjoyed the Cody Nite Rodeo under the stars, and explored the majestic Wyoming landscape that Andsel Adams made so famous. Then of course there are the things you won’t read: Whiskey at the bar of the Irma Hotel, jerky at every meal, endless laughter. But I guess that’s the best part about “living the dream,” as Josh and I like to say. We’re not sure where the next road might take us, but we’re certain they’ll be a surprise at every turn.

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