Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bermuda, I Salute You

Last week I told you about a local children’s nursery that recently got broken into. Terrible story. Not only did the thief steal a laptop computer and cash from the Kiddie Academy in Pembroke, the crook apparently nabbed the kids’ chocolate milk, something that still makes my head spin. Unfortunately the authorities have yet to find the culprits but I’m happy to report that Bermuda has rallied around the nursery, very much coming to its aid in a dreadful time of need. First up, loved-and-hated Premier Ewart Brown who donated a computer from the government’s IT department. Next, security company Integrated Cabling and Security Systems offered to install a new security system. Staples-esque store TOPS Ltd. donated a photocopier, plus reams of paper and stationery. And finally the owner of Mystix Designs, an interior decorating company, has offered to paint a child-friendly mural on the walls of the nursery, all free-of-charge. It’s wonderful to see the community pull together in such a meaningful way. Even more surprising was the compassionate response of nursery owner Sharon DeSilva. In this article from last week's Bermuda Sun, reporter Sirkka Huish writes about an email making the rounds, sent by DeSilva herself. Titled “Message to the Culprits,” DeSilva writes how she’d like to help the miscreants who trashed her business rather than punish them adding, “If you really don’t care how your actions have affected the lives of so many innocent people, then I will pray for you.” Well, kudos to you Sharon! And double kudos to you Bermuda! I can’t say that I’ve ever witnessed such an immediate and overwhelming outpouring of generosity (although in all fairness both the good and the bad are easier to spot in such a small place). Let’s just hope it doesn’t have to happen again.

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