Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did You Know?

Like other idyllic playgrounds within a quick flight from major U.S. cities (Palm Springs, California, anyone?) Bermuda too is home to its fair share of celebrities and power brokers. More than you’d think, actually. And although there are a few Hollywood A-listers here—like Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones who own a home in Southampton—the roster is more like a Who’s Who of political and financial circles worldwide with most addresses ending up in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda’s ritzy east end hideaway. (See that old fort in the picture above? It used to protect the entrance to Castle Harbour, the body of water that Tucker's Town overlooks). First up, New York City Mayor and financial whiz Michael Bloomberg, who’s ocean view home reportedly cost $10.5 million—pocket change considering he’s worth some $16 billion with additional homes in Manhattan, Vail, and London. Ross Perot has a lavish spread in Tucker’s Town too, although unlike most of his wealthy neighbors the former presidential candidate and Reform Party leader can trace his family roots to the island. (Ever heard of the Perot Post Office? That’s Bermuda’s oldest mailroom, named after William Bennet Perot who was Hamilton’s postmaster from 1818 to 1862. And no, the pointy ears don’t run in the family). On-again off-again Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has a pad here too, a mansion named Blue Horizon also in, you guessed it, Tucker’s Town. When he’s not dodging allegations that he paid young women to party with him in his homes in Rome and Sardinia, he’s here, presumably paying young women to party with him in his home in Bermuda. What a lovely addition to the neighborhood (tongue planted firmly in cheek). Other T Town residents include Ed Trippe—son of Pan-Am Airways founder Juan Trippe—and professional golfer Nick Faldo, who’s rumored to be redesigning St. George’s golf course this year. So, you wanna party like Bermuda’s rich and famous? Then rent a room at Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa—unveiled in April and just around the corner from the similarly named hood, the luxurious resort boasts an 18-hole golf course, a trendy whitewashed beach club, and a sumptuous guests-only spa (doubles from $340). Just try to keep the celeb-peeping to a minimum.

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  1. Douglas and wife actually live, or used to live in Warwick. He said recently that they are moving... maybe to TCI, where I understand he has some investments.