Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Hour Is Back!

It’s April first, but instead of playing some mean April Fools joke on you—ala Bermuda Shorts 2010 when I "spotted" a flame-throwing scooter on Middle Road—I’ll instead leave you with some good news. Some very good news, actually, especially if you're into rum, live music, the outdoors or all of the above. As you’ve probably determined from the headline, happy hour is back, which really just mean legions of boozy islanders will rum-punch in at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess today at 5pm (and yes, that's what the party looks like). If you’re in town don’t miss it: You can expect a live band, DJ and one of the best views in Bermuda as you sip Dark ‘n Stomies and rum swizzles until the fiesta winds down at 9pm. What? You can’t make it? Have no fear. Happy is every Friday evening from today through the end of September so let’s get our swizzle on, shall we?

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