Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take Two

So much for that experiment. Either I totally stumped the crowd by asking where yesterday’s photo was taken OR no one really wanted to win the fabulous prize I had lined up for the correct guess. Whatever the reason a shiny gold star goes to commenter Andrew, who was the lone wolf in the first inaugural Bermuda Shorts Where Was This Taken? online giveaway extravaganza. Posted by Andrew yesterday: “Well, being that I have yet come to Bermuda I am limited, but, I looked online at maps and my guess is Long Bay. I see you are in a cove from the picture but again I am not sure.” Nice try my friend but unfortunately that’s incorrect. Yesterday’s photograph was taken at none other than Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a 36-acre National Park that opened to the public in 1996. Complete with winding hiking trails and secluded little beaches, it’s one of the prettiest spots to be alone with nature (and to spot some of the most exotic species of birds anywhere in the world). That and it’s right next door to Clearwater Beach, easily one of the best spots on the east end to get your toes wet. As for that guess of yours Andy boy, nice work! But it’s worth noting that Long Bay is on the west end of the island—equally as pretty, not nearly as secluded and much, much, well, longer. In the meantime, thanks for playing but it looks like I’ll be keeping that shiny prize behind door number one for awhile.

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  1. Had me stumped. Of course I've never been to Bermuda, so I'm just clueless in general. Great photos. Cheers!