Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best. Cupcake. Ever. UPDATE

It’s not every day Bermuda Shorts gets picked up by the local news, but that’s just what happened yesterday when island news site Bernews.com began its Bermuda Heritage Month coverage with a story about Dark n Stormy cupcakes. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be groundbreaking news—a story about cupcakes? What gives?—but Bernews found that gem of a recipe over on my corner of the web and decided to host an island-wide taste test. In a story title “Researchers Required: Dark n Stormy Cupcakes,” Bernews gathered the island’s top politicians, businessmen and whoever else would volunteer to test a batch of homemade Dark n Stormy cupcakes in the City of Hamilton from 10am-1pm yesterday. I unfortunately was not on hand to participate in this very scientific study—yours truly had much more pressing matters to attend to, of course—but no doubt those who did were pleased. Said a local PR professional in her Twitter feed yesterday: “Doin vital @bernewsdotcom research tasting #darknstormy cupcakes made with @theblackseal thx to @davidlahuta tip-off. My survey says yeeesss!” For more, stay tuned to Bernews.com for updates on the big cupcake taste test. In the meantime, you’re welcome Bermuda.


  1. A Dark n' Stormy cupcake huh? Wow, I'm not a big cupcake fan but this is intriguing. Too bad I can't back! Cheers!

  2. Nobody loves the Dark n Stormy quite like you!