Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Good News!

Remember Tim Finnegan? The guy who entered the Reefs Hotel & Club "Show Your Love" contest and won his parents a second honeymoon to Bermuda more than 40 years later? The Maine resident is making news for doing so in his hometown paper, the Newburyport Daily News. Reports the newspaper last week: “When Tim Finnegan learned the Bermuda hotel where he and his wife honeymooned in 2007 was giving away a free vacation to a lucky couple, he immediately jumped at the chance to return to the turquoise waters and pink sand beaches and relive their romantic trip. But then, his mind quickly turned to a couple far more deserving of a tropical escape—his parents." Feel free to read his entry here but here’s the gist of the story: Tim’s parents, who first stayed at the Reefs over four decades ago, have lived a life of hardship, having six kids, some of them ill, some of them taken unexpectedly. And because of their unceasing dedication to their family—i.e. constantly putting their children’s needs ahead of their own—the pair have barely taken a vacation since. So Tim wrote in on their behalf, petitioning for his parents who are very much in need of a sunny break. Heartwarming indeed. The newspaper reports Tim’s folks will be arriving the island in July to celebrate their 42nd anniversary. Said Tim’s dad about his upcoming stay at the hotel, “They’ll probably treat us like royalty.” Yes, they probably will Mr. Finnegan—and not because the hotel provides stellar service across the board—because you deserve it. See that infinity pool? That's gonna be all yours very shortly.

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