Friday, April 16, 2010

Kiss My Ash

That’s basically what Iceland told the world’s travelers yesterday when a thick volcanic cloud grounded thousands of flights in Europe. According to CNN some 17,000 flights were cancelled due to the eruption—the most significant stopage of worldwide air travel since 9/11. Even Bermuda has been affected: British Airways canceled its London flights to and from the island, which means Premier Ewart Brown and the tourism delegation currently promoting Bermuda in the British capital will be stuck there for the foreseeable future. At least they have those fancy rides. The pink taxi cabs are part of new campaign to entice UK travelers to visit Bermuda—a weeklong road show to promote the island across England. Even better the Department of Tourism has paired up with the currently-grounded airline to sweeten the pot for potential newly weds: UK couples planning to get married in Bermuda between May and October this year will get a free round-trip ticket on British Airways. Excellent idea, but let’s just hope that Icelandic volcano quiets down so folks can actually start flying again. 

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