Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kiss My Ash 2: The Saga Continues

I suppose if you have to be stuck anywhere it might as well be Bermuda, right? Welcome to day six of the official European airspace lockdown caused by the eruption of an Icelandic volcano called Eyjafjallajokull (if anyone knows how to pronounce it please let me know). The stoppage has stranded more than 400 passengers in Bermuda, all of whom are awaiting to board a British Airways flight to London that’s been grounded for a sixth straight day. “The earliest people can rebook is now well into next week,” said British Airways spokesperson Sallie Singleton. “It’s highly unlikely that Bermuda would get an extra flight to help alleviate the backlog of passengers stranded here.” Problematic, yes, but I could definitely think of worse places to be holed up. And of course let’s not forget about everyone stuck in Europe, like Bermuda’s Premier Dr. Ewart Brown and a twenty-person tourism delegation who visited London last week to promote the island to UK residents. The group hopes to return to Bermuda on Saturday, which given the extreme circumstances—thousands of passengers stranded worldwide, a volcano that continues to spew ash, potential safety concerns—seems a tad optimistic. But hey, a group can dream. So to those stuck in Bermuda I say live it up! This whole volcano explosion seems like a great excuse to tuck in for another Dark 'n' Stormy.

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