Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Style Watch

Newsflash: Bermuda’s greatest contribution to the world of fashion is its shorts. Bermuda shorts, that is. Remember when Olympian Tucker Murphy stole the spotlight during the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver? Well if not let me refresh your memory. The 28-year-old cross-country skier marched into the coliseum donning bright red Bermuda shorts and navy blue knee-high socks—a look you’ll see on many Bermudian businessmen in downtown Hamilton during the summer months (see above). The blogosphere went wild! Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch awarded him honorable mention for best-dressed athlete, NBC Sports called his arrival one of the Top Ten Olympic Opening Ceremony moments and he was featured prominently on ESPN’s Olympic Blog, which later reported that all the girls wanted to take pictures of him in his authentic Bermudian garb. Well the hits just keep on coming. This just in from the New York Times’ T Magazine style blog: Apparently Bermuda shorts were all the rage on this year’s spring runways, the big hit being a satin number with unfinished hems from the house of Prada (it’s official: I’m delving into uncharted territory here, but hey, there’s a first for everything). The writer goes on to suggest a slightly more affordable pair from desinger Vince—what’s supposed to be a bargain at $185 from net-a-porter—but I say stick with the original from the English Sports Shop. With waterfront locations in Hamilton and St. George’s, Bermuda’s original outfitter sells madras, royal poplin and islander linen brands in all colors of the rainbow. Authentic Bermuda style for around fifty bucks. Now that’s some fashion I can get behind.

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