Friday, March 26, 2010

Bermuda Soup

Looks like tomorrow’s going to be quite a day, here in Bermuda and around the globe. I already told you about Earth Hour, an hour-long worldwide blackout to help raise awareness for climate change. Last year over 1 billion people in 4,000 cities powered down for the cause and this year Bermuda will be counted among them: Not only will government entities uplug from 8:30pm to 9:30pm tomorrow, but most businesses and organizations—including the Fairmont Southampton, which is hosting a blackout party with candles and dimmed lights throughout the hotel—will turn off the lights. Tomorrow is also U.S. Passport Day, the one day of the year when 23 regional passport offices nationwide will take walk-up applicants—because don’t forget, all U.S. citizens need a valid U.S. passport if you plan on visiting Bermuda this summer. As I mentioned earlier in the week, you’ll still have to wait four to six weeks for your document to be issued—or you can pay $60 more for expedited service, which takes two to three weeks—but it’s an awful lot better than how it’s normally done and that’s good news for U.S. travelers. Lastly, tomorrow marks day one of filming a brand new show on NBC called “Global Golf Adventure.” Hosted by golf commentator Mark Rolfing, the show will highlight a unique golfing destination around the world each week and tomorrow the cameras will be rolling on Bermuda’s own Port Royal Golf Course. As this USA Today interview with Rolfing attests, it looks like it’ll be an interesting show—and I for one am glad to see Bermuda’s finest course get some long over due attention. To watch Bermuda in all of its golfing glory, tune in to NBC on May 8 at 1:30 EST, in the meantime, have a great weekend! Looks like it’ll be another sunny one here in Bermuda.

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