Tuesday, February 16, 2010

At Least He Looked Good...

Bermudian cross-country skier Tucker Murphy has been turning lots of heads during this year’s Winter Olympics—unfortunately however, it’s not because of his skiing. The 28-year-old Murphy, who finished 88th out of 95 starters in yesterday’s 15-kilometer event, was a full 9 minutes 2.8 seconds behind gold medalist Dario Cologna of Switzerland. A valiant effort for sure, but with all of those ladies snapping photos of his bright red Bermuda shorts during Friday night’s Opening Ceremony who needs a medal? He’s all the rage that Tucker Murphy. According to PopWatch, a blog written by the editors of Entertainment Weekly, Murphy won honorable mention for the night’s best-dressed athlete, right behind the oh-so-stylish Italian delegation who wore waist-length, high-buttoned coats designed by Italian clothing maker, Freddy. NBC Sports called the arrival of Murphy in his Bermuda shorts one of the Top Ten Olympic Opening Ceremony Moments. And the skier was even featured prominently on ESPN’s Olympic Blog (thanks for the picture Getty Images), which later reported that his coach, Argentine Martin Bianchi, was embarrassed to don the traditional Bermudian garb. From the report: “He was worried that everyone back in Argentina would see him and laugh,” said Murphy, “Then he realized that all the girls wanted to take pictures with him, so he got over it fairly quickly.” There you have it folks. Bermuda shorts are officially lady killers. Just one more reason I’m proud to call the island home.

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