Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the Tarmac

Last week I told you about a great deal from WestJet, a Canadian airline that will begin flying nonstop from Toronto to Bermuda at super low prices. How low you ask? As little as $129 each way beginning on May 3, a fare I found easily by searching on its website. Today there’s more good news from the tarmac, but this time it’s for all you islanders out there. That’s right Bermuda, this one’s for you. Feel like going to Europe? Then check out this massive seat sale from British Airways: From today through February 16, the trans-Atlantic carrier will be selling fares from Bermuda to London for as little as $150 each way. That means a roundtrip ticket to the UK costs $300 plus taxes and fees, which clock in at $353.94 for a total of $653.94. Sure, it’s unfortunate to have to pay more for the taxes than for the ticket but such is the state of modern aviation. Bottom line, it’s still one whopper of a deal, but you’ve gotta act fast: The sale lasts until February 16 and is valid for travel from that date through March 28. Happy jetting Bermuda!

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