Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Be Continued...

Everyone needs a vacation now and then, right? Even lucky stiffs like me deserve a break so I'm closing up shop ever so briefly and will return with your tropical news and island updates on December 1. But before I go, just a couple of things to keep an eye out for: New episodes of Forbes Luxe 11 continue to air every Saturday night on the Travel Channel at 10pm EST. If you've forgotten why you should be watching, it's because I'm part of a panel of travel experts commenting on affluent excursions like shark-cage diving, race car driving, and super yacht vacationing. (In case you've missed it check out this short sneak peek video; I show up about one minute in). On November 21 we'll be discussing First Class Travel, including renting a Saleen F7 from Gotham Dream Cars, flying a Zeppelin along the San Francisco coastline and riding the rails on the Orient Express. And on November 28 tune in for Icy Hot Spots, when we discuss the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the ski town of Jackson, Wyoming, and London's Absolut Icebar (where you can drink ice cold vodka from real ice glasses). In the meantime stay tuned for a busy December in Bermuda: the Christmas boat parade, a boozy Boxing Day, and the official start of golf and spa season. Winter here we come.

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