Friday, November 6, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion

As some of you may know, in addition to writing for the New York Times, Travel+Leisure and Caribbean Travel+Life, I also make TV appearances on various news and lifestyle programs. Like the time when I was Rachael Ray’s “adventure buddy,” escorting her viewers on daring excursions including bungee jumping in Canada or shark diving in New York. Or when I’d have weekly chats about travel on CNN’s American Morning or FOX’s Good Day New York. (For a look at some of my past appearances check out the video above). It’s a fun part of what I do—no doubt a bit harder since moving to Bermuda—but the good news is there’s more to come and this time I’ll be on the Travel Channel. Do you like luxury? If so, set your DVRs for tomorrow’s premiere of Forbes Luxe 11 featuring eleven affluent escapes every Saturday night at 10pm EST. For a glimpse of what the show is like check out this two-minute sneak peek (I show up about one minute in, talking about flying in helicopters over bubbling Hawaiian volcanoes). Tomorrow’s episode: Mega-Toys where we highlight snazzy cars, swanky resorts, and over-the-top collections owned by the world’s super-rich (i.e. regular folks collect stamps, Paul Allen collects military planes). If you like what you see let me know! And be sure to tune in each week until December 26 for new episodes. What? You forgot already? Watch Forbes Luxe 11 on the Travel Channel every Saturday night at 10pm EST, starting tomorrow. 

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