Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Trip Fit For a Queen

It was about a month ago when I first told you about the impending visit of Queen Elizabeth, which officially takes place next week. Well, her passport is ready and her dates of travel have been confirmed: HRH arrives Tuesday, November 24, for a short two-night stay. Why am I telling you this now? Even lucky stiffs like me deserve some time off—so while Lizzy is politely waving to the island crowds and admiring her picture on the Bermudian dollar bill, I’ll be sipping gingerbread lattes in New York City. So in the spirit of the royal visit I’ve decided to put together a proposed itinerary for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they arrive next week. After all, 36 Hours in Bermuda is a good start, but I doubt Her Royal Highness is into shipwreck diving (one of the more adventurous pursuits I covered in my aforementioned New York Times article). Queenie listen up, because here’s what you should do when you get to Bermuda. Day One: By all reports you arrive at L.F. Wade International Airport at 3:24pm. Enjoy the sounds of the steel drums as you walk through the terminal and please, please, please try not to ogle the life-sized portrait of yourself that hangs over the immigration checkpoint any longer than necessary. It’s just plain rude. You’re not far from St. George’s, Bermuda’s historic former capital that was settled by the British in 1609. Meander its labyrinth streets and admire its charming colonial architecture. Looking for a few gifts for the royal family? Stop by the Bermuda Perfumery for handmade scents or pop into the Book Cellar, which specializes in nautical, architectural and historical tomes about Bermuda (and tell the Duke he can buy himself a fancy pair of Bermuda shorts at the English Sports Shop). When you’re done emptying the royal purse check out St. Peter’s Church, said to be the oldest Anglican house of worship in the Western Hemisphere and make sure to stop by the replica of the Deliverance, the ship that eventually carried Britain’s shipwrecked sailors to Virginia to save the Jamestown colonists. I’m guessing you’ll be hungry by now and although you’ll probably be asked to dinner at Governor Sir Richard Gozney’s mansion, I say jettison the invite for a romantic meal with the Duke at Fourways Inn. Hey, you’re in Bermuda. Why not let the sparks fly? Housed in an 18th-century Bermuda cottage with coral stone walls and exposed cedar beams, the candlelit restaurant features a full menu of steaks and seafood, plus a dining room pianist gently tinkling the ivories. When you’re done gobbling up its scrumptious dark n' stormy souflee (which you smartly ordered ahead of time) check into a suite at Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa. Bermuda’s newest and most luxurious hotel has traditional colonial stylings and is sure to make you feel right at home. Whew! Now that was a long day. So what should the Queen do on day two? Leave me a comment below then tune in tomorrow to see where she should visit next.

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